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  1. Zenfist

    Service at dealership woes

    So the other day I went to start the bike and it was doing the solenoid clicking. I used my charger and charged it up, started it later and it seemed good. Turned it off to gear up, and it wouldn't start again. I called the dealership to see what was covered in warranty, talked to the service...
  2. Zenfist

    Tail Bags

    Hey guys, last Sunday I went for a wonderful twisty mountain roads ride with my step sister and her husband. So much fun! She has a Kawasaki 650, not sure year or model, and he has a Yamaha FZ1. Got to ride his, and man that was a sweeet bike. Much smoother, more power, easier to flip bike...
  3. Zenfist

    Left side exit exhaust

    I was looking at my bike, and some exhaust, and I noticed how beautiful the right side swingarm looks. And how bad the left side looks when compared. I looked a several slip-ons that help show off that swingarm, but I thought an underseat or a left side exit would be MUCH better. Couldn't...
  4. Zenfist

    Just got my 8 today!

    Hi everyone, My name is Eric but you can call me Zen. I bought the absolutely last FZ8 in town! Got a pretty good deal, and loved driving it today. First new bike, and super happy about it!