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  1. Zenfist

    Selling Yoshimura r77d

    Check your PM box!
  2. Zenfist

    Naked bike specific helmet reviews..

    Link only goes to Amazon. I did look it up elsewhere, looks a bit clunky for my tastes. I have the Scorpion EXO-1100, with the mirrored shield. Very light and no buffeting. I have had it for almost 2 years now, probably time to get a new helm.
  3. Zenfist

    Exhaust and Tail Light upgrade

    Yamaha Honda GSXR Kawasaki Suzuki Fender Eliminator Small Discreet Black 2015 | eBayTry this.
  4. Zenfist

    Helmet Reviews: Post your "LID" and how you like it.

    I'll just pop this here. These look awesome.
  5. Zenfist

    Two Bros, Corbin, OEM Flyscreen and Engine Guards, Risers

    Do you still have the exhaust? Sent a PM.
  6. Zenfist

    Custom under mount exhaust

    Do you have a link? It just looks like you removed everything and put the slip on right on the exhaust end! This look is what I think a lot of guys are going for.
  7. Zenfist

    2013 Fazer 8 - Gear indicators

    Simple search revealed this HealTech Electronics Ltd. - GIpro X-type It plugs right into your wiring harness, no real install necessary.
  8. Zenfist

    Aux lighting, LED light bar

    I like how it looks, very cyberpunkish! I too worry about clearance, however. I hope it works for you.
  9. Zenfist

    FZ8 Oil level

    Hey guys, anyone else have an issue with the amount the manual says and the amount the window on the bike shows? Every time I change the oil, it comes out where I can only see air in window if I pull bike a little too far of center. I use a measure cup and put in the exact amount it says, but it...
  10. Zenfist

    FS: Extremeblaster Slip-on Exhaust

    I might be interested, let me know if you still have this.
  11. Zenfist

    What do you do to afford your FZ8?

    I teach martial arts, and also work as a receiving manager.
  12. Zenfist

    recognize this anyone?

    My battery pooped on me after only 2 months!
  13. Zenfist

    recognize this anyone?

    Only thing I can imagine it would be is perhaps a cap for the battery before installation? Does it look like it would fit that role?
  14. Zenfist

    Air filters and intake

    I doubt is has any affect on sound by itself.
  15. Zenfist

    Service at dealership woes

    They said they tightened the connections, but they seemed tight enough to me when I checked. Whatever they did (or didn't) do, it had no effect. After getting off work yesterday, I started the bike, realized I forgot something, turned it off and went back inside. Came out and bike wouldn't...
  16. Zenfist

    Service at dealership woes

    So the other day I went to start the bike and it was doing the solenoid clicking. I used my charger and charged it up, started it later and it seemed good. Turned it off to gear up, and it wouldn't start again. I called the dealership to see what was covered in warranty, talked to the service...
  17. Zenfist

    Disable Parking lights on Key Barrel

    I would imagine you could just switch to a US model cylinder, an I would imagine them being less than $100. Not hard to change, I've done it a few times on older bikes. Ours only has 3 positions, on, off and lock.
  18. Zenfist

    Parking lights killed my battery!!

    Man that would suck. I went to start my bike yesterday, and it wouldn't start. Not sure if it is the battery (it tested fine on my voltmeter) so I am taking it down to the dealer tomorrow for a check. Glad I don't have the parking lights issue, to boot!
  19. Zenfist

    Tail Bags

    I like that one, are you able to secure it to the seat pad only, not strap down past the rear cowling?
  20. Zenfist

    Tail Bags

    That one is quite large, but looks pretty good.