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  1. Satan666

    R1 Shock + V3 Adapter

    Complete package for rear shock replacement. '04-'06 model R1 shock. Nice condition. Spring rate good for riders less than 200# wet. Version 3 adapter. Requires modification to Voltage Regulator tray. Comes with instructions for installation and damper setting. For installation mods, review...
  2. Satan666

    R1 Shock Adapter Version 4

    For those that might have interest, I do have a few adapters left from the 1st run. So far, here is the pertinent info: The R1 spring rate is less in comparison to the stock FZ8. The '04-'06 spring works good for riders up to 190# and the '07-'08 to 220#. If you are at the top of the ramp for...
  3. Satan666

    Highway Pegs

    What are R1 and R6 passenger pegs good for? FZ1 and FZ8 highway pegs! In 2008 I made these puppies for my FZ1 after a few stints on Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo County. See GENII Highway Pegs - R1 Conversion - FZ1OA Message Board for the original story. If you ride over 45 minutes...