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  1. Banky2112

    VIR south Sunday the 29th of June 2014

    Hey guys, I just signed up for this Sundays VIR south event with PRE at Hopefully I'll get some pics to put up and if my friend lets me, I'll have some video.
  2. Banky2112

    The best sprocket explanation video I've found. This dude is funny
  3. Banky2112

    Lifetime guaranteed sprockets

    Titanium II Sprocket Lifetime Guaranteed Titanium 2 Pretty cool I guess
  4. Banky2112

    Parts diagrams

    So, I can't remember if I showed you all this. Or you might already know, but I have found this website amazingly helpful to remove the guessing game of parts matching...... Yamaha Parts for Less | Yamaha Parts House And specifically the fz8 FZ8ND OEM Parts : Babbitts Yamaha Parts House...
  5. Banky2112

    598cc turbo???

    588cc turbo??? oh.......S*** I want one....... Suzuki Recursion Concept — Turbocharging For The Masses | RideApart
  6. Banky2112

    Lever protectors

    Has anybody ever rocked and rolled with something like this? (Pun INTENDED)
  7. Banky2112

    2015 blank cafe racer!

    2015 Yamaha SR400 Home, information He'll yeah! A little pricy though :(
  8. Banky2112

    CF body parts

    Found some carbon fiber parts....... FZ8 (10-13)
  9. Banky2112

    Worlds first 24 hour music video!

    This is awesome and hilarious! Pharrell Williams - Happy
  10. Banky2112

    Motorcycle memes!

    I just wanted to share a good laugh with you guys...... Post up your bike memes! One per person per day please!
  11. Banky2112

    Case covers.......

    Hey guys, so can we post any and all case savers, protectors, covers we know of..... I know graves makes a cover..... Gb racing makes protectors (that are ALWAYS sold out!) and gb racing also has the little half pucks that bolt on. Also Leo Vince makes carbon fiber covers..... Am I missing any?
  12. Banky2112

    FOR SALE: 2013 forks, front brakes, front wheel.

    ALL ITEMS SOLD....... Here you go guys, I did my r1 front end swap, now my like new 2013 forks, front brakes, and wheel with rotors, axle and axle spacers are up for sale. Pm me with what you think is fair! Parts are used, well taken care of with about 3600 miles. Tire NOT included. It's off...
  13. Banky2112

    2014 fz8! (Uk)

    :eek: cool forks!
  14. Banky2112


    Welcome back to the forum! Lol
  15. Banky2112

    Theoretical top speed after -1+2

    Gearing Commander: Motorcycle Speed, RPM, Chain & Sprockets Calculator So my buddy and I were looking into a sprocket change. A few members have mentioned their top speed around 143. Mine seemed to peak at 142 at an undisclosed location :rolleyes: if you load the info into the selectors it will...
  16. Banky2112

    Stand alone quick shifter

    Annitori Racing Anybody tried one???
  17. Banky2112

    PCV Power Commander 5

    Hey guys my PCV is out and pics are below. Asking 275$ Its cold out, you got time to install it at your own pace without hindering your riding time!!!! SOLD
  18. Banky2112

    FZ8 with a big (R1) Heart!

    So, somebody on my posted a link about an italian guy who put R1 internals into an Fz8...... Massima elaborazione FZ8 [con parti R1] - Presentazioni e lavori sulle nostre moto thanks GNoiZZ, and I got to tell...
  19. Banky2112

    Brembo Brake lever.....

    Hey does anyone know if this gets rid of the master cylinder we have? I think this would look cleaner than the stock one.
  20. Banky2112

    2-up option....

    PSR 2-Up Passenger Bar for FZ8 11-12 - Misc. Accessories - Accessories - - Motorcycle Parts, Accessories and Gear Thought this was .... ? "interesting" Almost like the jackets with the "love handles" for the passenger. I guess that this is installed on the gas cap and...