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    How-to (new) - Fazer8 dual low beam mod (WIP)

    I am not sure why Yamaha went this way on the FZ8, the FZ1 has a high and low beam filament on both sides. Both sides light up on low and high beam just like a car. I sold my FZ8 a couple of years ago and bought a FZ1. I did the mod on the FZ8 because I got tired of ppl telling me I had a burnt...
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    Tank Pad

    Heat it up using a hair dryer and peal if off. It should come off fairly easily when heated. If there is any thing left on the tank use goo - gone to remove the rest.
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    New handlebar grips

    You can either cut off the old grips or use an air gun between the grip/bar if you want to save them. To install the new grips, spray WD40 on the bar and inside the grips then slide them on quickly with force. The WD40 dries quickly and you only have a minute or so to get them on.
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    Need Help

    There is plug in the center with a o-ring, probably leaking from the o-ring. I would look at the cover very closely to see if there are any cracks. You can buy the plug and new o-ring to see if that stops the leak. The 3 bolts around the plug hold the alternator stator and have sealing washers...
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    I think dan moto will sell them separately.
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    Fz1 rear wheel fit fz8

    The FZ8 and FZ1 have the same frame and swing arm, just make sure you get the spacers with the wheel, not sure if there is a difference. The rim is a bit wider but will fit, the 8 has a 180 rear tire and the 1 has a 190 rear tire.
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    crank position sensor location

    The cps is on the right side of the engine just below the crank cover, just follow that wire until you find the connector.
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    Fazer 800 Dual Low Beam

    Use this how to or just run a wire from the low beam on one side to the low beam on the other. Can't remember which side is which. If you read the complete tread, there is no risk of overloading the circuit.
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    Installed Yoshimura slip-on.. Do I need a K&N filter? if so do I need a air/fuel controller(power commander)

    Do yourself a favor and do your homework, then make the decision based on fact. There are lots of misconceptions and plenty of armchair mechanics out there that have no idea how EFI works, what flashing does and how fuel controllers work, just repeating information they read somewhere. There is...
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    Chain Guide HELP!

    Yes the bolt holes are a cast part of the engine case, that plate is there to hopefully protect the engine case in the event that the chain breaks. You don't need it for the chain to run properly on the sprocket. Personally I would just leave the metal plate off, put new sprockets and chain on...
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    Pressure sensor and CEL

    The sensor you are talking about is called a MAP or (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor. Remove the fuel tank and it is easily accessible This bike is not OBD 1 or 2 compatible, it has its own built in diagnosis system All of this is explained in detail in the shop manual
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    Upgrading my brakes

    No abnormal wear or disc damage, no different than stock except they bite a bit harder. If your happy with the stock braking power I would just stick with stock pads.
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    Upgrading my brakes

    EBC double-H sintered brake pads and spiegler brake lines on the front. OEM on the rear are good enough. The pads will make the most difference
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    Jumbo Map
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    Need Map for FZ8 w/ mods Here are both of his maps. Sorry, both links are fixed now
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    Dr. Doom vs. Turbojoe

    Nope don't agree at all. Things that ECU flashing can do that PCV or other fuel controllers can't. When I say ECU flashing I mean when your remove it, send it out have it flashed then reinstall it, Not ECU flashing done on a dyno. 1. Adjust the temp that your fans start. 2. Adjust your rev...
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    Gold Rims

    I would either have them anodized or powder coated. You will get the best match by anodizing them as your forks are anodized.
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    OBD 2 device on the FZ8?

    This system is not compatible with OBD2, it has its own diagnosis system. Car manufactures were legislated into coming up with a universal diagnosis system (OBD2) Unfortunately this legislation does not apply to motorcycles. They all have different diagnostic systems. The shop manual explains...
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    25k service.. $875+ ????

    10.2 hours seems a bit much to me, It took me approx 2-3 hours to disassemble and measure then about 3 hours to reassemble. That was taking my time and having a few beers. It was also the first time I did this job on this bike. I am sure a shop with a experienced mech could do this in 4 - 5...
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    25k service.. $875+ ????

    All my exhaust valves were out of spec at 40,000 kms. Your bike your call.