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  • It Should be sunny tomorrow! Looks good in the forecast! I need to get on the website! Motogp is so intense..hahaha ill be there! Gonna get some rest in a bit!
    Hey grant! Yeah tomorrow is a go! Got the gopro all charged up! Lol my number is (661)400-0406
    hey Aaron, nice to meet you as well. no worries about the knee. we'll get plenty of good riding in. the guy that takes pictures at the snake is sometimes out on fridays so we may get lucky with a few good pics. i've bought a few photos from him before at rockstorephotos.com. you just check the website a few days after you ride and if there's any good shots you like, you can buy em.

    yea you got the right mcdonalds. if you wanna check goolemaps.com to get an idea of where we'll ride, we'll follow valley circle south until we come to muholland. then we'll head into the canyons from there. take a run up stunt to top of the world. head on down schueren to piuma to cold canyon then back to mulholland. we call that our isle of man track. lol. we'll head west on mulholland over to the rockstore, then on to the snake. maybe a few laps there and a hang at the lookout. then we can move on west if we want and pic a track down to the ocean. and there's lots of ways back.
    im assuming the mcdonalds is the one at 23340 avenue san luis woodland hills? its right off the 101..not really familiar with the area.
    Sounds good! That sucks dude..at least the next one is fairly close..are you gonna trailer the bike out or ride it out? That's a good meeting spot. I don't want you to mess up your knee more so we'll go til whenever lol. I just didn't want you to think we had to rush for me to beat rush hour. My name is Aaron Nelson. Nice to meet ya
    hey anelson24, so friday april 5 is a go for me. i'm not doing the track day on the 30th. when i went to sign up, the were booked. but i did manage to get a spot on the april 21st. day at willow. i'm thinking that we could meet at 10 am at the McDonalds at Valley Circle Blvd and the 101 Freeway in woodland hills. i'm good for about 5 or 6 hours usually. got a bum knee that really starts yellin at me round then. i'll hang with ya as long as i can. by the way my name is grant robison. what's yours?
    Awesome! Ill request the day off tomorrow! I'm not concerned about the rush hour for me, more so the commuters that clog up the canyons..lol I don't mind coming home in the dark..I'd much rather spend the whole day and make a long day out of it..where should we meet up? I don't really know the area so I can meet you up somewhere near you and you can be the tour guide..haha let me know and ill start a thread and see if some others come along. Lookin forward to it as well!
    Probably be better the first week of April cause ill go back to getting Fridays off and by then I shou have my bike back together I'm hoping..so lets shoot for Friday April 5th? Any idea of where to meet? I would prefer meeting not too late so we can avoid rush hour traffic EVERYWHERE since it will be a Friday lol let me know..maybe 10am? I'm open for anything though..
    I can do weekdays. The Canyons are great during the week... nice and quite and open. Possibly I could do Thursday or Friday of this coming week. Otherwise, 1st week in April as I'll be prepping for willow the week before. Let me know what works for you. It's friggen beautiful out right now. ;)
    Possibly interested in willow, it's really about 20-30 min ride from me..maybe a little more..but I'm right here in palmdale..I would prefer a weekday because I work six days out of the week and my one day off is usually a weekday being that the busiest time at my job is the weekends..although I may be able to request a weekend off in April if given enough heads up! What works for you? I'm assuming weekends..
    yea. i've got something the next 2 weekends then on the 30th we're doing a track day at willow springs. (have any interest in coming out to willow?) after that is clear. could maybe sneak out on a weekday??? have to play that by ear. what's your schedule like?
    It's warming up next week it looks like! Still wanna setup a ride in the next couple weeks?
    Looks like the garage function is down on all the FZ sites. No real clue as to why though. Owner will look into it as he can. Thanks!
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