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    R1 Fork Swap

    R1 forks are somewhat shorter than the FZ8/1. Check the free length compared to your stock forks. Lowering the front end reduces the effective steering head angle approximately 1 degree for every inch. The FZ8/1 was designed for 25 degrees of head angle. The R1 for 24. Also, the R1 triple...
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    Went to remove my rear tire to get it replaced and this happened to the axle...

    From the pictured damage it appears that it occurred while the axle nut was being loosened. Furthermore, it appears that a screwdriver or chisel was inserted (hammered-in) between the axle and block ("chain 2 puller" - 5VY-25389-01-00) to prevent rotation while the torque was applied to the nut...
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    Super soft front end on 2011

    Check out the forum threads for front suspension. Unfortunately, there are very few easy fixes. The stock spring rate is .90 kg/mm-50#/in. The Racetech Spring Calculator says at your weight for class B canyon the rate should be .95-53, fairly close to stock. The question is: do you routinely...
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    Super soft front end on 2011

    How big a boy are you? (Roy G. Murcer character quote)
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    Throttle hard to turn - not a cable problem

    Since you are moving the R6 at less of an angle with the same spring pressure at the throttle shaft it stands to reason that it will feel like more torque is required. Also check that when you installed the cable ends into the tube that you did not untwist the cable. That will increase the...
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    Question Crg Lever

    Check the parts fiche> Brake: FZ1 '06-'15, FJ09 '15-'17, FZ6 '06, FZ6R '09-'17, FZ07 '15-'17, FZ09 '14, FJR1300 (Most) '04-'05/'08-'09/'11-'20 Clutch: Bolt C Spec '15-'16, FJ09 '15-'17, FZ6 '08-'09, FZ6R '09-'17, FZ07 '15-'17, FZ09 '14-'17 Unfortunately, CRG caters mostly to the R1 crowd...
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    R1 shock with Satan666's adapter

    Direct email: [email protected]
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    Suggestions for front forks.

    Been There, Done That (more than once) Spike, Here is a link to a fairly comprehensive 'how to': SManZ's R1 Front End Conversion/Mini How-To - FZ1OA Message Board There are many R1 - FZ1 - FZ8 similarities. Not the front wheel, axle & brakes. Best to get a complete package of R1 forks, axle...
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    R1 shock with Satan666's adapter

    Finished the production run, adapters are available, PM for info.
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    are satans adapters still availalbe?

    So Many Questions . . . I have a few adapters left, PM for info. Requires '04-'08 R1 shock. R1 Shocks from '09 & up have higher reservoir and require relocation of voltage regulator. Many R1 fork options - search here and FZ1OA Message Board - Powered by vBulletin. Generally speaking you have...
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    Ride Height with FZ1 shock fitted

    If you must . . . Substitute the dogbone from an '04-'06 R1 and you will raise the rear about 14mm (+1/2"). Fleabay for about $15. Use my adapter with an R1 shock ('04-'08) depending on riders weight and you will up your ante about 20mm (+3/4") and have a much better shock. PM for info. If...
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    Satan R1 shock adapter Ver. 4

    Adapters Available Only got about a 75% response from those who expressed interest in the last production run so I have some Version 4 adapters available. Next run in 2017. PM for info.
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    r1 shock

    Shocking! The R1 '15-'16 rear shock will fit with some modifications. First, the upper eye retaining bushings must be turned a -1.2mm each to allow insertion into the frame arm. Second, because of the nitrogen reservoir, the voltage regulator tray must be cut and the voltage regulator...
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    FZ8 Replacement seat

    Another Help You might also consider a set of my highway pegs. While they do not make the FZ into a cruiser, they change the seating position enough to cool the burn for a while.