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  • Hey man, Not sure how often you're on here, but I've seen you've sent the Jumbo map out to a few people. Was wondering if you still had this and if you could help me out?!

    My email is [email protected]

    Hello I was wondering if I could get ur jumbo map that's all I see on forums is ur map and how great it is please message me back I would really appreciate it..

    Good morning
    I hate to bother but i just did the air box mod on my bike, I got a k&n and tb slip on, also a juice box. I have being reading different stuff online and your map always comes up. Do you mind sending me that good map of yours. Please
    Thank you
    Hey Jumb, any chance you can send me that map you came up with. Got my power commander coming next week and nothing from dynojet matches my setup. Have Yoshi r77 slip on, bmc air filter, airbox mod, graves ais block off plates. Thanks for the instructables on the ais and the airbox mod.
    Hey Jumb,

    Any chance you'll be making an instructable on how to change fork springs on an fz8?
    What upper is on your ar? I like the punisher lower, I'm gonne be buying 2 lowers here asap before the ban.
    +1 on the tank pads on the side of your tank! Where did you find those? They look really good!
    Hi jumb5150.
    Are you running a slip on with K&N and using the power commander ?
    Would you be able to provide the map ?

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