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    Do you still have your Corbin seat for sale?

    Do you still have your Corbin seat for sale?
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    Givi Engine Guards / Crash Bar Review

    I would love to buy them from you at the right price.
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    In your opinion, what are the best (cheap) mods?

    What kind of grease are you using in the tube/assembly?
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    NE Illinois Also, just installed Renthal streetfighter bars, r6 throttle tube, and Oxford heated grips!
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    Wanted: OEM Exhaust Heat shield (2011/2012)

    This may be a longshot, but if anyone has their old heat shield lying around anywhere (2011/2012 models), I would love to buy it. I just bought a Two Brothers slip-on for 2011-2012's, but I have a 2013 FZ8. The heat shields are different and I would really like to have one once I mount up the...
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    Engine Gaurd Trade

    I have a 2013, with basically no modification so far, but I would love to throw an engine guard on it. Would you be willing to sell the engine guard for?
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    Many parts for sale

    Are the CRG bar end and mounts still available, i am very interested...
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    May I ask what kind of "door end molding" you used to eliminate the buzzing? After 1,500 miles, it's really starting to get to me.
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    Hey guys

    Wonderful choice on the 8! I too live in Downtown Chicago and would love to meet up with other FZ8's for a ride. I just finished the break-in and it, is, GLORIOUS.
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    FS: Pair of black Oberon Bar end mirrors

    Do you have any gripes about your CRG arrows?
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    Parts up for sale

    Care to post any pics?
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    Who are all the Midwest riders?

    One more for the ChicagoLand count... Downtown Chicago here.
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    2013 Fz8 blue stripe questions

    I too can confirm in my US issued 2013 fz8. First thing I did when I got her home was break out the hairdryer, a plastic scraper, and the goo gone. Wasn't too hard, and it looks extremely clean now.
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