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  • If you ever want to add the Autotune to your PC5.. I will be selling mine here soon.. and I also have headers with a 18mm bung welded in already. Would throw you a good deal. Since welding in a 18mm sucks unless you are pro or know people! I just don't have a PC laptop with the software so I could never actually look at my tables and tune it better!
    Nice yeah not too many nice days left... I have a shad seat and new suspension coming next week. Gonna do a ecu flash too.
    Ohhhh nice. I got the driven D3 grips. They are nice, but I think I want something a bit more thick.

    Today I finally got a chance to play around after the new throttle tube, and man what a difference. Best 8 bucks ever spent.
    My Renthal road Medium bars came... They seem not as wide as my Renthal Ultra low's. I am gonna see how I like them. They will sit higher at least.
    The guy accidentally sent a timing chain, so still waiting for the tube. Havent heard back, and cant wait. I did order some grips from ebay
    Nice! Keep on the stock grips then. Just broke in my new rear tire. Still doesn't feel confident. Gonna let out some air in the front tire. Thinking it's too high.
    Yeah it's my third nail in a 1 year spand. Lol. Yeah Yamaha YFZ R6 2003 2008 Throttle Sleeve Tube Motion Pro | eBay
    I have been practicing burn outs since the tire is gonna need to come off lol! Throttle is a ton more responsive since you have to turn it less and the grips are way better! I got on it and popped the clutch in 1st and there I rose!
    Get the Driven grippy grips Regular NOT thin! There are 2 kinds. Cheapest mod.
    I read that you had a flat, that sucks dude. Maybe you should get some kind of tire protection plan. I have it on my cars, and you have no idea how much money it has saved me.

    Got a link for the throttle tubes?
    He said the guy he held it for never came through... Dude ditch the stock grips and get Driven Grippy Grips and a R6 throttle tube. It is a must. Just did it last night... Also I was riding on a flat tire with a nail in it lol! Hitting it pretty hard and something felt odd... always trust your sixth sense... Those PR4 tires are not cheap....
    Its not a bad deal, but its you who has to see if its really worth it. I like mine, one of these days will remove it so that I can see how it feels without one.

    Anyways, I thought he had sold it already. Let me know if you go over to his place, I will ride with you.
    The guy you bought your PC5 is selling that windscreen fairing. You think I should grab it for 160?
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