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  • No problem man. Tomorrow after work I'll run by the post office and we'll get it on the way. Ignore the newest post on the thread. I've got your info now and we'll work on getting it to you. You seem like a good dude too. I think we've got some great folks riding 8's.
    Hi Steve,
    Thanks again for the exhaust. That is super cool of you. MY name is Cory Rebmann and address is
    168 Rummel Dr
    Kyle, TX 78640
    YOu can also text me if you have any questions
    It's all yours. By the way my name is Steve. I just got home from a weekend wt the little lady and have been dealing wt some sinus issues. Lucky for you though, it rained all day so I didn't go on my usual Sunday ride. I got everything packaged up and also found the instructions. I left part of it assembled to help with the install to. You'll need an exhaust spring because one was broke from the manufactory, but I wouldn't sweat it to much you could still ride wt just one attached. Give me your name/address and such and tomorrow I'll find out about the shipping cost.
    Hey I wi def take the exhaust if you are seriously. Already responded to your post but thought I would shoot you a message. I can PayPal the shipping cost tomorrow. Just let me know as that was the next thing I was going to do.
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