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    lothodon's mods

    Glad to see your bike coming along Loth. Its looking great. Still waiting for my leg to heal before buying another FZ8. Scary its almost been a year since my accident. Glad to see some familiar posters still on the forum.
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    YAY!!! Forum is back!! :)

    maintenance im sure. Whats up gang
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    KT Auto Part HID Projector KT-MT2

    Good job man. I wish it was a little bigger. Seems they are all that size though.
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    Shleeve's mods

    How was dealing and time that it took to get the side radiator faring? I was debating going through the ebay site you gave or the actual website. like $197 total after shipping right? I know when i ordered my evotech kit from their EU site it took about 18 days and im not that patient. lol
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    FZ8 compared to ?

    wait your FZ8 isnt secretly a robot transformer?
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    FZ8 compared to ?

    Ha ha ha Loth thats exactly what i thought when i first pulled this up. Its just the higher priced version of the FZ8 - some of the better angles and style.
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    FZ8 compared to ?

    Dont let the fanboy sickness effect you. Honda builds some nice bikes. Id have to say if you lookinf for a naked style bike from the $7000-8500 range then the FZ8 is the bike to get. Yamaha has perfected many things with the FZ series and has delivered a fantastic bike.
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    FZ8 compared to ?

    100% of all reviews i see the only negative thing is the non adjustable front suspension. and some that say if you lean to the extreme you will skratch the pegs.
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    Keeping clean

    EagleOne Iv used this product for some time now and it has amazing results with a microfiber towel. NanoWax® Spray Wipe & Shine Quick Detailing Spray A2Z™ All Wheel & Tire Cleaner If your like me and wipe down before and after a ride you will like the quality and price. Autozone has lots...
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    Shorty levers, rear sets, painted rear pegs

    nice start man. Keep it up!
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    Howdy from Idaho!!!

    Welcome to the thunderdome!
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    FZ8 compared to ?

    2011 CB1000r is also a nice looking and from the reviews smooth. 2011 CB1000R Overview - Honda Powersports If you can get the european model. 2011 Honda CB1000R - Top Speed 2011 Honda CB1000R: MD First Ride-Part Two – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and...
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    OH DEAR... A DEER!!!!!!!!

    Crazy shit bro. Glad nothing more happened. ‪FZ6 vs Deer‬‏ - YouTube FZ6 vs Deer
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    two bros question

    A.k.a sexier. lol
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    LED "eyebrow" MOD begins

    Great job (as normal) hypo. Looks sick and with the angel/demon eye that mods going to look sick.