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    Question Rear sprocket suggestions (+2 or +3)?

    Top speed should be somewhere around 130-140, but youre saying the changes are underwhelming ? Not as much kick as you thought?
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    FZ8 output shaft locknut thread STRIPPED

    The fz8 shaft thread size is M22x1 I used a threading die to fix the threads and will be applying red loctite and checking my repair progress. Will let you know how it holds up!
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    Website recommendations that are still selling parts for the FZ8?

    Passenger hand rails are out of stock everywhere.. you can go with a corbin seat they still offer them. For the givi case I found some used online through ebay or my local website like craigslist
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    Question Rear sprocket suggestions (+2 or +3)?

    Let us know for the top speed, sliding out of corners and power wheelies :)
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    Buying Vortex Rearsets

    anyone has vortex rearsets for sale?
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    2012 fz8 stock exhaust and stock mirrors for sale

    I got a 2011 and a 2012 stock exhaust
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    How-to (new) - Fazer8 dual low beam mod (WIP)

    You will have a wider field of light but the high beam part when running low beam does have a different beam angle than the original, it slightly raises from the right side. People passing from opposite side will not be affected, I have tested in very dark room.
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    How-to (new) - Fazer8 dual low beam mod (WIP)

    I didnt need to remove any fairing for the job. The wiring harness you need to cut is on the clutch side of the bike going from the controls to under the steering head(its a black rubber holding all the wires in). After youve added the metal piece to the high beam connector and secured the wire...
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    Not sure if that has been asked, i'm sure it has!

    Yeah you will need a FZ1 gas tank to fit the bigger airbox and the throttle body as well as the exhaust headers. You will need the FZ1 Ecu harness as well. I am thinking about doing this swap so let me know if ever you go for it!
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    Rebuilding Rolling Chassis FZ8

    if ever you get info let us know i might have to do a swap on mine!
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    Super soft front end on 2011

    I swapped in the FZ1 front suspensions with the front rim and shaft (rotors and/or brake calipers from fz8 can be used) fully adjustable and worlds of difference i could finally brake hard with confidence. Easiest mod and best bang for the buck